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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - Will there be snow in Lake Tahoe at the time of the event?
A - There is not usually snow at the beginning of November however there can be so come prepared. If you are driving, bring chains for your vehical. You should always bring a coat and clothes for cool weather as you will be in the mountains and the weather can change at any time.

Q - Is the Welcome Party open to everyone?
A - Yes, the Welcome Party is held in the Hospitality Suite and is for all Mountain Magic attendees and therefore can be crowded at times. This party has happened since the first year and is intended to provide a place for us all to gather in a relaxed atmosphere, chat, meet new friends, see old friends and enjoy some snacks and drinks in the process. Come and join us for this fun and "close" party!

Q - Is there a Competitor's Meeting?
A - No, there is no longer a meeting so please read the contest rules and check with the contest desk if you have questions or need assistance.

Q - Where do I go if I have a problem at the event?
A - For problems or questions you should go to the Event Registration Desk for assistance or direction. Please do not let a problem go unattended. We cannot fix what we don't know is wrong. We would much rather you let us know so that we can attempt to correct the issue to the best of our ability.

Q - Do you really read the Event Surveys?
A - Yes, we have a convention commitee that reads every survey ... both written and emailed. We are very open and interested in your comments and suggestions on ways to continuously improve the event. We have implemented many suggestions over the years based on the surveys. Keep in mind that it may take awhile to work out the details of how to integrate recommendations into our program and that some suggestions may not be feasible. At times there have been requests for totally opposite ideas which can make it difficult for us to determine what is the best course of action. So, thank you for taking the time to complete the surveys ... and please keep them coming.

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