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John Duffy


In Loving Memory of an extraordinary dancer and friend!

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Who was John Duffy?


John singing at SFSBD opening dance (1987)

John w/daughters:
Bronwyn (left) & Monique (right)

John & Michelle - Top of Beardsleys J&J Winners (1986)

JOHN DUFFY - Backround & History

John was born June 3, 1931 in Dundalk, Ireland (just outside of Dublin). He immigrated to Canada in the 1950's and then to San Francisco in the 1960's. John was always into music. After being in San Francisco a short while, he got involved in the local music scene by becoming a singer & bandleader. In the early 1970's Johnís musical interests expanded into dancing with swing, ballroom, and latin ... He loved all the dances!

John was a top salesman in the carpet industry and spent most of his free time dancing, competing, judging, emceeing, and just being friendly to everyone. John was truly blessed with a gift Ö and he was extremely willing to share that gift with anyone that was interested. He cultivated many dancers that went on to become top competitors, teachers, judges and those that would simply possess that same passion he had for dancing. John mastered all the dances developing a smooth and effortless style and won many, many contests. He possessed total and complete joy for this activity.

One of Johnís visions was to bring all of the dance forms together onto one floor to share and exchange the joy of dancing. In 1989 Michelle Kinkaid & John started the 2nd Sunday Swing Dance. Sadly, John passed away only 3 months after the start of this dance. He would be pleased to know that his vision has become a reality.

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